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Pink Flowers Little Dutch Adventure Train

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Pink Little Duch wooden train with flowers. Little Dutch's beautiful wooden train has been decorated with fun patterns and numbers. Build new wagons with these blocks in various shapes and fresh, modern colors. The train consists of 17 parts and is approx. 45cm long. This toy is always fun to play with and is also a nice accessory for a nursery or child's bedroom.

The Little Duch train is perfect for children from one year old. It is made of wood, ecological and resistant. It has various components to make the adventure more fun, such as trees, animals or tipi tents. In addition, your child will not only have fun but will also learn since by stacking the blocks, they will be able to count, discover colors and identify shapes. Your little one will not stop playing with it for a long time.

  • Material: Wood.
  • Measurements: Â 45 x 8 x 13.50 cm
  • From 12 months.
  • *This product includes CE regulations in accordance with the legislation of the European Union
  • Intended for interactive play, helping to develop the cognitive abilities, dexterity and creativity of the little ones".
  • Designed for the smallest hands.
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