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Online breastfeeding workshop "Myths and truths"

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December 7 11:00

Indispensable online breastfeeding workshop

We continue to promote breastfeeding and we want to give you this workshop where we tell you the truth about breastfeeding.

In this dynamic workshop where you can actively participate, we will talk about:

  • milk production
  • Myths and truths
  • Does it hurt to breastfeed?
  • lactation crisis
  • baby weight
  • Medication and lactation
  • General aspects of lactation (there we talk about milk production, types of breasts, feeding of the mother, demands and that
  • Tools and resources (apps, books, support groups in the area)

Taught by Ana Lopez : lactation nurse specialist, certifying for IBCLC

This course will be taught through the live virtual classroom of Google Hangout. You also have the option of doing it as much as you can since the course will be recorded for 10 days. You choose the option that best suits you.

We recommend you:

  • do the class in a comfortable environment
  • view the class on the tv or computer screen
  • be in a quiet room without noise
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