Workshop "The couple in the postpartum" May 31

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Once again we offer you a very interesting workshop for pregnant women in Marbella .

Do the dynamics of the couple change with the arrival of the first child?

The arrival of a baby, in addition to being a special moment for new parents, can cause disagreements during the postpartum and parenting period.

Talking about how the relationship as a couple is going to be transformed, about the parenting style we want to lead, about the readjustments that we will need in this new stage, are some of the keys to face this new stage.

Many couples often fantasize about how they will be as parents and prepare the "physical nest" with a lot of effort, leaving emotional preparation in the background.

The dynamics, priorities and needs of the couple are reconfigured.

We will talk about all this in our next workshop in Maternal Stimulus

Do you dare to share how you are preparing the arrival of your baby?

Price: €25 per couple, essential to book in advance.

Taught: Cristina Santos, psychologist trained in perinatal psychology and health promotion.

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