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baby sleep online

February 3 at 11:00

Calm dreams, calm dreams, happy dreams

One of the main concerns of parents is the sleep of their babies.

With this baby sleep workshop you will learn more about your baby's sleep.

It will also be a very practical workshop where you can tell us directly about your specific case and ask us how to manage this process that sometimes makes you desperate.

Am I doing it right?

Does my child get enough sleep?

Do all babies sleep the same?

Because in your baby's dream there are no perfect manuals or valid methods, we will speak to you from scientific rigor and with knowledge of the facts.

You can't miss this workshop to achieve calm dreams

Most children develop sleeping habits because parents introduce strategies, they organize themselves however they can, and the reality is that most parents do not identify with methodologies. Alvaro Bilbao.

Workshop facilitated by Ester López, perinatal psychologist specializing in maternity and parenting

We will carry out this workshop through a virtual webinar classroom, you will only need to have a gmail account to access it.

Price: €20 per family.

Duration: 90 minutes

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