juguete-sensorial-de-contraste-sonajero-con-espejo-y-bocina-canpol-babies-estimulos-maternales (1)
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juguete-sensorial-de-contraste-sonajero-con-espejo-y-bocina-canpol-babies-estimulos-maternales-b (1)
juguete-sensorial-de-contraste-sonajero-con-espejo-y-bocina-canpol-babies-estimulos-maternales-c (1)
juguete-sensorial-de-contraste-sonajero-con-espejo-y-bocina-canpol-babies-estimulos-maternales-d (1)
juguete-sensorial-de-contraste-sonajero-con-espejo-y-bocina-canpol-babies-estimulos-maternales-e (1)
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Contrast rattle with mirror and horn Canpol Babies

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Contrast Sensory Toy

  • It has interactive elements that entertain babies
  • It supports the development of the child from the first days.
  • Stimulates the view, thanks to the colors red and black, since they are the ones that babies see first.
  • The toy is ideal for learning to grasp and discovering new interesting sounds.
  • It is light and handy, making it easy for small children to hold.
  • A mirror placed on the toy will encourage children to play: young children like to look in the mirror and observe the world.
  • The toy has funny ears, colored ribbons and makes sounds.
  • It is soft and pleasant to the touch, designed for children over 0m.
  • The mirror is made of a child-safe material.
  • BPA free
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