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Piratatak card game Djeco

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Adventurer or prudent, everyone has their strategy to build their ship before being attacked by pirates.


To start playing the entire deck of cards is placed face down in the middle of the table. There are cards to build 4 ships of 4 different colors.

In turns, we will be taking cards from the deck with the aim of being the first to build our ship made up of 6 cards. All the cards are shown. The different possibilities are:

  • Boat card: the first tells us the color of which we have to do it. If we get other ship cards that are not our color, we will keep them because other players may buy them from us.
  • Pirate cards: they are the only ones that pass the turn. They force us to get rid of 3 cards (either from the accumulated ones or if necessary from the ship that we are building itself).
  • Cannon cards: they are the jokers of the game. If we get a pirate we get rid of the joker and therefore we don't have to give them the 3 cards.
  • Coin cards: with 3 we can buy a ship card from a partner, who is forced to sell. (We can only buy one per turn).

The first player to get his ship formed is the winner of the game.

Djeco's tactical games encourage reflection and strategy as they will be necessary to thwart the malice of those games

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