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Muselina-bambú-Little-Unicorn-airshow-120×120-1 (1)
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Muslin bamboo Little Unicorn planes 120 x 120

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Bamboo muslins have become a must for moms and babies, they are very light and ultra soft .

If you want to know the 29 uses of a muslin click here

This brand is characterized by having unique and original prints that look like authentic watercolors. The designs are created by the brand's own artists, each of the prints are designed with a brush, you will be able to see brush strokes in their designs.

Little Unicorn bamboo muslins are of high quality with captivating prints.

The exclusive manufacturing process and the high technology used allow up to 15 different colors to be obtained in the same muslin, while dark colors that would normally be hard to the touch are as soft as light-based muslins.

Composition 100% bamboo fiber.

Machine wash cold, like colors.

Tumble dry low.

Do not iron.

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