Lulujo bamboo muslin stripe - colors

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Size 120×120cm

Bamboo muslin with beautiful colorful tones.

If you want to know the 29 uses of a muslin, click here

Lulujo is a prestigious brand who strive to create beautiful, everyday items with loving fabrics that today's mothers and children love. Lulujo is where the traditional and the modern come together. Their one-of-a-kind collections have touched the hearts of families with our signature colors, on-trend prints, and ultra-soft premium fabrics.

This beautiful muslin is made of soft bamboo in 120x120 cm, breathable and light. You will use it for a thousand things: to cradle the baby, as a changing table base, to cover the sun in the stroller, at home to lay the baby down, for your shoulder to burp the baby... you will give a thousand uses to a muslin as pretty as this An essential at home. If you want to know the thousand uses of a muslin click here.

It also comes presented in a beautiful box which makes it perfect for giving as a gift.

Composition: bamboo 70% cotton 30%

Dimensions: 120x120 cm

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