Infant and Postpartum Massage Course in Marbella April 15 11:00 (5 sessions)
Infant and Postpartum Massage Course in Marbella April 15 11:00 (5 sessions)
Infant and Postpartum Massage Course in Marbella April 15 11:00 (5 sessions)

Infant and Postpartum Massage Course in Marbella April 15 11:00 (5 sessions)

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On-site infant and postpartum massage course 

Did you know that touch is the first language with your baby?

Since you are aware that you are going to be a mother/father, your only wish is that your child be born healthy and grow up happy.

And after the fears of pregnancy and childbirth come doubts about parenting.

In the first months of life, when your emotions are still on the surface, you have to face the challenge of caring for your baby 24 hours a day, every day of the week, a baby that you begin to know and create the affective bond.

But babies don't make it easy.

Normal, they were very comfortable in mom's tummy and now everything is new.

Their only way to communicate is by crying. A cry that is accentuated in the dreaded witch hour, in the afternoon, when you are most tired.

  •   You change his diapers so that he is dry and soft. Could it be that this brand is not doing well?
  •   You gave him a bath in the “baby calming tub”.
  •   You have tried everything your friends or family have told you to relieve the famous infant colic, but do you really know if your baby has colic? 
  •   And the massages... you've seen a thousand tutorials but in the end you get nervous and have doubts about how to do them

Why is my baby crying?

 It is the eternal question, and the causes can be many and different, although the solution always happens because you have an immediate response to crying.

You have to know the crying patterns to be able to anticipate them and thus not transmit nervousness to your baby while you caress and relax him.

In this infant and postpartum massage course you will learn the gestural language of your baby to understand him better and connect better with him so everything will be much easier


In each session there will be two parts, the first hour the massage is practiced in the different areas of your baby's body, explaining the specific benefits that you will notice after practicing it. The second part will address topics of interest such as crying, sleeping, bonding, eating, development through play

You will learn the techniques to relieve your baby's colic, to help you fall asleep, and it will also help you to trust yourself and have a more bearable postpartum period. 

Sessions of talks, laughter and tears await you, where you can share your experiences with other moms and you can consult your doubts directly with me.

At Estímulos Maternales we have been repeating this course in successive editions for 10 years, guiding many mothers who thank us for their support with testimonials that encourage us to continue, because we know that we are doing it well.


Last week I came out of the session with such force that the world ate me


What does the online/direct infant and postpartum massage course include?

ANDThis course includes 5 sessions of 2 hours each, on 5 consecutive Wednesdays, dedicated to practical learning of massages in different areas of the body, followed by explanatory talks on various topics that influence attention of the baby and, of course, direct inquiries from the families.

content index

Session 1

  •   Abdominal massage to prevent colic in infants
  •   Baby crying: How to identify its meaning

session 2

  •   Leg massage
  • The baby's sleep and its evolution

Session 3

  •   Face and back massage….
  • Talk about baby feeding (breastfeeding, bottle feeding, complementary feeding)

 Session 4

  • Chest and arms massage….
  •   How can I play and develop all my baby's abilities.

Session 5

  • Whole Body Review
  •   Talk about the bond and attachment of the baby with the reference person

As you can see, this course is not just about pure and hard massage, it is much more.


5 sessions

WhatsApp group support

If you are interested, how can you reserve your place?

You just have to click on the WhatsApp button so that we can answer all the questions you have about this course.

You can also tell us your mobile phone since, usually, I create a WhatsApp group that would be the direct support of the course, so that you can ask questions about the practice of the course or simply to chat if you need it.

Don't think about it too much because, so that all this can be carried out in a personalized way the group will be a maximum of 5 families, otherwise you will have to wait for future issues, but babies grow and your chance to improve your baby's development and postpartum recovery is slipping away.


You have doubts? Here I answer some of the most common questions

What if my baby is asleep or not participating?

Since we have the baby asleep, you can relax, but without stopping paying attention to the course.

Alternatively, you can choose to take a doll to follow the guidelines that I indicate and gradually acquire the ability.  

And as I said, you have the support of WhatsApp for whatever you need

To find out the opinions of other moms who have already taken the Maternal Stimulus course, you can click on the ratings tab.

If you have any questions write us by WhatsApp 687896434

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Muy recomendable

Lo recomiendo 100%, no solo aprendes sobre temas relacionados con el bebé, también sirve como momento de desconexión que tanto necesitamos las mamás tras el parto, y para compartir experiencias con las compañeras. Animo a las futuras mamás a hacerlo.

Muchísimas gracias por tu aportación Lorena. Nos gusta cuidaros y daros espacio para parar, compartir, reflexionar y sacar lo mejor de vosotras mismas. En esta vida rápida que llevamos si en el postparto no paramos podemos caer. Un placer teneros por aquí siempre ❤️

Como en casa

En Marbella y alrededores somos unos afortunados de tener un lugar tan especial como Estímulos Maternales y a ti, Carmen, se nota que te apasiona lo que haces y nos haces sentir como en casa con tu acompañamiento y guía en nuestra maternidad. Se me han pasado volando las horas y me quedo con ganas de que esto continúe. Además a mi bebé le encantan los masajitos. Muchas gracias, nos volverás a ver por ahí

La verdad que la afortunada me siento yo, porque me permitáis formar parte de esos momentos tan especiales. Gracias hermosa familia.

Elena Durán
Experiencia maravillosa

Un curso muy enriquecedor para compartir en familia. Carmen eres una mujer muy especial y respetuosa con la infancia que has hecho que conectemos mucho más con nuestro bebé a través de los masajitos (que nos han ido de maravilla 👏🏼). Ha sido muy placentero tener un lugar en el que se crean momentos, vínculos y experiencias muy bonitas sobre la maternidad.

Elena me has emocionado con tus palabras. es un curso que me apasiona y lo doy todo,. Yo pasé por esa situación y me hubiese encantado encontrar un espacio como Estímulos Maternales para compartir, soltar y que me validasen mis emociones. Gracias una vez más a este precioso grupo que me habéis enriquecido aún más.

Super encantada!!

Super encantada eres muy buena y muy encantadora un besito muy grande!!

Muchísimas gracias súper encantada

Elena Agraz Illanes
100% recomendable

Maravilloso! No solo por los masajes, que nos han venido genial, también por el acompañamiento de Carmen y compartir experiencias con otras familias. Sentirte acompañada y comprendida en las primeras semanas del postparto es muy reconfortante.

Muchas gracias por tus palabras Elena, es tan importante sentir ese acompañamiento en los momentos del postparto. Os guardaré siempre en mi corazón

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