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Oribel Aquarium vertical toy

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Oribel's Vertiplay toys can be glued and detached from the wall whenever you want. It is very easy to place and you just have to take into account that the only type of surface where it does not stick is on porous walls (gotelé type). To place it, make sure that the wall is clean, remove the sticker slowly and stick it directly at a height that your little one can play standing up.

The mysterious aquarium is a wonderful puzzle that you can assemble together and with which your little one will later be surprised by finding the wonders that are under the sea. Once the puzzle is placed, there are hidden animals that will emerge through the colored submarine.
One last!

Recommended from 3 years

A beautiful game that is also carefully designed and illustrated to be a special decorative object.

Why play with vertical toys?

The room will be neat! VertiPlay™ toys stick to most vertical surfaces for more play areas and an interactive experience. A toy also designed to become a decorative object that you will never have to pick up.

The interaction they establish with this type of manipulative materials responds to the cause-effect relationship that attracts little ones so much and from which they learn so much, since it implies really significant learning because it is based on their own experience: seeing how objects move, the xylophone plays or they create a beautiful enchanted forest full of characters that they themselves paste and change places. Another important aspect is that they develop motor skills: through the game, they will be able to manipulate pieces that help them move their hands and fingers in an increasingly controlled manner.