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Magnetic game emotions Janod

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A most complete game to discover emotions while playing! The set includes cards of emotions to create with the different magnets on the magnetic board, cards with everyday situations to relate them to each emotion and encourage little ones to express how they feel, magnets with different emoticons and a mirror to reproduce. and understand different facial expressions. An ideal game to get to know themselves and others.

- The set includes a magnetic board, 27 magnets (with illustrated faces and bodies and different emoticons), 20 reversible cards with everyday emotions and situations, and an explanatory brochure.
- With 10 emotions to discover: joy, fear, sadness, anger, shyness, love, disgust, rage, laughter, jealousy and surprise.
- With a very complete material to adapt it to different modalities of games according to the age and needs of each child: magnetic game to reproduce the characters, game to guess what emotion each situation corresponds to, communicative game to express how they feel or tell us situations in which they have felt the different emotions and much more.
- An ideal game to start them in emotional education, become aware of their own body and emotions to learn to manage them.

from 2 to 5 years

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