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Create with magnets Imanix 60 pieces Braintoys

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Imanix Construction game with magnetic pieces

A way of working on constructions in 2 and three dimensions.

Imanix construction are translucent geometric shapes of a perfect size for manipulation by children's hands. From these two-dimensional pieces they can create volumes to form cubes, polyhedrons in even any figure that occurs to them, houses, trees...

Give your little one these pieces and the imagination will flourish

If we talk about mathematics, they can also form fractions, counting, addition, subtraction... wow, Imanix, this wonderful construction game cannot be missing from your little one

How does this game help your little one's development?

  • Develops all the senses: because they manipulate, their bright colors draw their attention so much that it drives them to play creating
  • Mathematics in its purest state: volumes, geometry, spatial concept, problem solving to create, compare, serialize, count, develop.
  • Fine psychomotor skills: since their edges are magnetized, they must refine their movements to build, eye-hand coordination plays a fundamental role
  • Encourage teamwork : it is a game for all ages, which children can share with any member of the family, developing social skills such as cooperation , communication , bonding and empathy .
  • If they play with friends, they can begin to develop the concept of teamwork and all the benefits that this implies for their future.
  • Concentration: having a great power of surprise and motivation, due to the nature that all boys and girls have of curiosity, makes the concentration to create, solve problems or challenges increasingly greater.

How do these pieces work?

Feet yes, surely you are wondering how these pieces are joined, well, very easy: both its edges and its interior are magnetized, so that the pieces remain attached to each other with great stability, which means that constructions can be made in 3D.

If you use these pieces together with the light table , your little one will be fascinated, since the power of amazement that working on a light table has on boys and girls is unique.


They are made of ABS plastic, non-toxic , free of BPA, latex and toluene, ultra resistant. The strong rivets provide security and prevent the pieces from opening.

Also, being translucent , they are perfect as a material to be used together with the nightstands , which are sold separately.

All Imanix sets are compatible with each other.

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