correpasillos-multiactividades-el-gato-madera-janod-estimulos-maternales (1)
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correpasillos-multiactividades-el-gato-madera-janod-estimulos-maternales-i (1)
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Janod cat multi-activity ride-on

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This beautiful multi-activity stroller, to be pushed, is specially adapted for learning to walk. Thanks to its height-adjustable handlebar (from 47 to 53 cm), this stroller is scalable and adapts to the size of your child. It will accompany you from 12 months to 3 years: its invisible and removable brake allows you to lock the wheels (up to 12 months) and gradually unlock them to control the speed of the stroller while learning. In addition to walking, your child will be able to test their fine motor skills, as well as their dexterity with the 8 playful activities that it offers: looping, shape box, mouse to slide, circuit, gear, sound button, rotating eyes and felt games to develop the sense of touch. And also, with its 4 silent rubber wheels, it does not leave marks on the floor

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