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Ludi water circuit

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Bath time becomes a real moment of relaxation and pleasure!

The water circuit is full of tips to have fun at bath time. When the water flows through the mechanism, it comes out surprisingly! The pinwheels are activated, letting the water run down the tube, then it flows out in a nice fine spray and spins the pinwheel. An original circuit that Baby will like, giggles guaranteed!

With the suction cups, it is easy to attach the circuit to the bathtub walls or tiles. Solid and practical, it can also be detached to become a stand-alone toy.

Attached to the wall of the bathtub, the toy can be used as soon as the baby is sitting in the bath. This game captures the attention of the little ones and will stimulate the baby's imagination but also his dexterity. Remember to clean the suction cups and fix them on a clean and smooth surface.

Suitable for children from 10 months.

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