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Bean Snail Race

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Board game

In this slippery snail race in Mrs. Mercedes' garden, Sebastián Pegajoso, Gloria Escurridiza and company move at a snail's pace, but that doesn't mean they don't get ahead of each other or place themselves on top of each other. Whoever is lucky with the dice and plays skillfully to get his snail to the podium will get more points and win.
Contents: 6 shells, 2 dice, 12 game cards, 1 board, 1 podium, 1 bottom of the tin, 6 magnetic sheets, 1 game instructions.
Authors: Wilfried and Marie Fort
Illustrators: Gabriela Silveira
Sport type: dice game
Game instructions language: Spanish, Dutch, Italian, English, German, French
Warnings: Attention. Not suitable for children under 3 years of age. Small pieces. Choking hazard.
Up to X years of age: 99 years
From X years of age: 5 years
Number of players up to: 4 people
Game duration from: 15 min
Number of players from: 2 people

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