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Cubika trailer truck

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Educational Eco Wooden Truck with Cars - The Wooden Truck is a sorter with 8 multi-colored small cars that are attached to the base of a wooden trailer with the sticks. The wheels are movable, the toy is easy to roll. Cabin and trailer can be separated.

Cubika toys are made in the Carpathian Mountains located in Ukraine. They are made from strong, sustainable maple and beech woods and all paints are sourced from Germany. Cubika toys comply with all European toy safety regulations.

The bright colors and its simplicity are especially indicated at early ages. In contrast to other toys that have a multitude of functions and lights... Cubika toys are committed to simplicity that invites the child to explore and play.

They contribute to the development of imagination and creativity, fine motor skills, sensory processing, as well as logic and memory in children.

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