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Learn Janod time

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An ideal stimulation toy to learn hours of fun! A real clock complete with: 13 model cards that the child must reproduce on the clock, with one side for the numerical format and the other side for the analog format so that they become familiar with the 2 reading systems. 1 blank erasable model card to write other combinations with the 2 included markers (red for the hours and blue for the minutes). - 6 tiles to slide through the clock slot: day/night, and 4 tiles to better visualize the 15, 30, 45 and 60 minute marks. It is very practical, the carrying handle is turned back for greater stability. This product develops: learning the notion of time, discovering and experimenting. Pieces painted with water paint.

Dimensions 25 x 3 x 23.8 cm
Material(s) Wood (plywood), cardboard, plastic

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