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Animambo bongo Djeco

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Electronic piano for kids + 3 years

Djeco brings us the Bongo Animambo, two beautiful bongos decorated with tribal illustrations inspired by nature. Made of wood, we love this instrument because its colorful pattern exudes energy and joy everywhere.

Play in the room, play in the hall, in the kitchen, give a recital in the living room, play while moving, on the floor, play, play and play. And with each hit, let flow, release, have fun, call, express and bring out the music that we all carry inside.

A good opportunity to also share moments of songs and rhythms with the little ones. An activity that is sure to be appreciated and very fun, suitable for sharing if there are boys and girls of different ages.

From 3 years.

  • Product measurements: 10 x 26 x - cm diameter: 12-11 cm
  • Designed in:: France
  • Material: Wood and leather
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