Ravintsara Bio Labiatae essential oil 12 ml

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Ravintsara organic essential oil 12 ml

Ravintsara Bio essential oil (Cinnamomum camphora).

100% pure and natural.

In this link you can learn more about the properties and use of Ravintsara essential oil.

PROPERTIES: Tonic. Antiviral. Expectorant. Stimulating. Bactericide. Anti-inflammatory.

INDICATIONS : in the treatment and prevention of diseases of the respiratory system such as bronchitis, colds, pharyngitis, laryngitis, sinusitis, treatment of stiff joints and inflammations Tonic and antifebrifuge. Relieves apathy. Immune system. Muscle pains.

FORMAT : 12ml. Internal-external use

Pure essential oils are obtained by steam distillation from natural aromatic plants.

INTERNAL USE: a health professional should be consulted.

ENVIRONMENTAL USE: add about 2-3 drops in the water of the diffuser or essence burner and by diffusion it spreads through the environment.

COSMETIC USE : massages, baths and facial/body lotion.

If you want to make your own facial or body lotion, you must mix the vegetable oil and the essential oil in the following proportions:

Adults: topical body use: 60 drops of essential oil in 100 ml of vegetable oil / Facial use: 20 drops of essential oil in 100 ml of vegetable oil.

Elderly/children (5-12 years): body use: 20 drops of essential oil in 100ml of vegetable oil/ Facial use: 10 drops of essential oil in 100ml of vegetable oil.


- The information on the properties of the plants contained is indicative, we are not responsible for its inappropriate use.

- Keep out of the reach of children. Store in a cool, tightly closed place and out of light.

- Pregnant women, lactation period and babies, consult your doctor, only in diffusion

- Some essential oils such as citrus are photosensitizing.

TOLERANCE TEST. Apply a drop to a sensitive area of ​​the skin (forearm or behind the ears) and wait 12 hours. If there is any skin reaction, refrain from using.

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