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Well-being, a mixture of Bio, Orange, Chamomile and Vanilla essential oils , an exquisite aroma ideal for relaxing and clearing the mind.

The concentrated essence of aromatic plants exerts a global action in the harmony of the individual, helping their well-being.

PROPERTIES: Relaxing and harmonizing.

FORMAT : 10 ml. External use

The essential oils are obtained by steam distillation from organic aromatic plants, free of pesticides, certified by the BIO endorsement.

ENVIRONMENTAL USE: adding 2-3 drops to the water in the diffuser will spread its aroma throughout the environment.

COSMETIC USE : massages, baths and facial/body lotion.

If you want to make your own facial or body lotion, you must mix the vegetable oil and the essential oil in the following proportions:

Adults: body use: 60 drops of essential oil in 100 ml of vegetable oil / Facial use: 20 drops of essential oil in 100 ml of vegetable oil.

Elderly/children (5-12 years): body use: 20 drops of essential oil in 100ml of vegetable oil/ Facial use: 10 drops of essential oil in 100ml of vegetable oil.


- The information on the properties of the plants contained is indicative, we are not responsible for its inappropriate use.

- Keep out of the reach of children. Store in a cool, tightly closed place and out of light.

- Pregnant women, lactation period and babies, consult your doctor.

- Some essential oils such as citrus are photosensitizing.

TOLERANCE TEST. Apply a drop to a sensitive area of ​​the skin (forearm or behind the ears) and wait 12 hours. If there is any skin reaction, refrain from using.

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